An OBM is IN Your Business with You

There are many benefits to hiring a Certified OBM, but I would say the main one is this: An OBM is IN your business with you. They are managing the day-to-day activities. They are a part of the team. They are rolling up their sleeves to drive projects and ensure that business goals are being met. They are a true success partner in the journey - with you every step of the way.  Let's be real... it can be lonely in our own business. Even when we have a team, it can often feel like it's still all on our...

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Delegation is great but let's go next level!

delegation OBM online business manager Zone of Genius

  A month ago I was talking to a new colleague about what I do as a Certified Online Business Manager. “Oh yes”, she said, “I know how to delegate”. That got me thinking. Delegation is a really potent super power to possess as a business owner and entrepreneur, but I have a better solution. Let me explain. Eventually, the tasks you delegate will keep you away from doing the things you want to do as a business owner. In the role of delegator, you still need to follow up and track that everything you delegated to others actually gets done....

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Four Questions to Ask Yourself When You Are Too Busy

  "Help me! I’m too busy and something needs to change..." I get it. Being ‘too busy’ isn’t sustainable and doesn’t serve you or your clients. It may even be getting in the way of you growing your business.  The good news? It’s fixable, so grab your to-do list and ask yourself the following questions. Question 1: Does this really need to be done? (If yes, now or later?) We often have things on our to-do lists that either: Don’t need to be done at all – they are ideas, maybes or "wouldn’t it be nice ifs". They are things...

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