Delegation is great but let's go next level!

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A month ago I was talking to a new colleague about what I do as a Certified Online Business Manager. “Oh yes”, she said, “I know how to delegate”. That got me thinking.

Delegation is a really potent super power to possess as a business owner and entrepreneur, but I have a better solution. Let me explain.

Eventually, the tasks you delegate will keep you away from doing the things you want to do as a business owner. In the role of delegator, you still need to follow up and track that everything you delegated to others actually gets done. Yes, delegation takes less of your valuable time but it still pulls you away from spending time in your Zone of Genius and back into boring administrative tasks and meetings. While important, they take away from the things you excel at, the things that prompted you to launch your business in the first place.

You don’t need to worry about the individual steps it takes to accomplish your goals. You just need to know they will be completed in the time you specify, that the quality meets or exceeds your standards and that it did not cost more than expected.

That's where a Certified Online Business Manager comes in to keep your business on track. Project Management and Team Management are my Zone of Genius and I am here to help you set realistic timelines, report on the progress of deliverables and adheres to the budget you set.

What do you want to spend more time doing and how will it help your business grow?

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